Boosting Yield at Private Colleges: Making the Case for Value

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There is no question that this is a tough economy. Many colleges are having to consider steep tuition hikes. Two prestigious schools that had adopted no-loan policies have recently canceled them (Williams and Dartmouth), finding them no longer financially tenable. And with the rapid rise in demand for need-based aid and a decline in the ability of many student applicants and their families to pay the costs of college tuition, we are seeing many students who would normally attend private colleges opt for a regional state institution instead.

Robert Massa, vice president for communications at Lafayette College, and W. Kent Barnds, vice president of enrollment and communication at Augustana College, offer advice on how private colleges looking to increase yield can make the case for their value to accepted students.

Start the Conversation with Value, Not Price

Historically, colleges have not made a good case for the value they offer.

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