Key Considerations for the Mobile Campus

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Included in This Report:

  • Adopting Mobile: Reasons for Urgency
  • What Mobile Can Do
  • Examples of Innovations with Mobile Technologies
  • Moving to a Mobile-Enabled Approach


A Letter from Amit Mrig, President, Academic Impressions

November 2012. One has only to look to iPhone and iPad sales, the intellectual property battles between mobile device makers, and the fervor that new product launches generate to know that mobile technologies are a big market and are here to stay.  That much is well understood.

What most of us are still trying to figure out is how to leverage the unique capabilities of mobile technologies to create new value for users and organizations. And while many higher-ed institutions have begun experimenting with distributing iPads to students and faculty, and developing apps for prospective students and alumni, most institutions are still on the sidelines waiting to see how this all plays out.

We think the time to act is now. Mobile technologies and applications will continue to evolve but so too must your understanding of them in order to generate real and valuable results—whether that’s measured by student enrollment, student learning, or alumni giving. In this edition we share some compelling data to support this call.

We spoke with instructional technologists and experts in mobile marketing and communications to gain insights into the unique capabilities of mobile technologies, innovative uses across the higher-ed landscape, and first steps that institutions can take to experiment, learn, and improve their use of this technology. We hope their advice will be useful to you.


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