Two Conferences on Budgeting and Resource Allocation in Higher Ed

Two Conferences on
Budgeting and Resource Allocation in Higher Ed

Spend three days learning about: 
  • How to make data-informed academic resource planning decisions using activity-based costing  
  • How to apply key principles to optimize operational effectiveness using a decentralized budget model 

Conference Bundle: Register for Two Conferences & Save!

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to build your knowledge around budgeting and resource allocation in higher ed. Register for the Conference Bundle and save $400 on these programs! If you have questions about which program is right for you or if you should attend both, please reach out to Nick Pettet.

Using Decentralized Budget Principles to Enhance Operational Effectiveness



Institutions across the country are exploring areas of potential growth to enhance sustainable revenue streams. A decentralized budget model can remove the historical layers of incremental budgeting, allowing institutions to shed behaviors that are no longer productive and instead focus on what’s important.  

Join us for this program to walk through many of the decisions you and your institution need to consider when adopting decentralized budget principles. Thanks to expert-led presentations, group discussions, and hands-on working sessions, you will leave this event better prepared to determine what your institution’s unique budget model should look like and how you can approach model development and implementation collaboratively. We will cover the following topics: 

  • Building a budget model based upon your specific institutional needs 
  • Making critical allocation decisions around expenses and revenues 
  • Selecting a process to foster greater transparency and engagement 
  • Engaging campus leaders to understand and manage their new budgetary responsibilities 

Throughout the program, there will be opportunities for individualized and small-group consulting with our expert speakers. Adopting decentralized budget principles takes a substantial amount time and thoughtful planning; we will help you better understand the principles and the full process from model design and development through implementation and scheduled revisions.   


Who Should Attend — Bring Your Team! 

This program is suitable for financial and academic leaders from institutions of all sizes who are considering strategies to cultivate more responsible decision making with stronger resource management. This course is designed for both decentralized budget novices and those already familiar with Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) models. The content of this training is intended to meet the needs of those who want to gain a deeper understanding of a new or modified model prior to implementation. 

Academic Resourcing Models for Evidence-Based Decision-Making



Academic Resourcing Models (AR Models), which combine Activity-Based Budgeting Costing (ABC) and Activity-Based Budgeting (ABB) analysis, are decision-support tools for academic resource management and related financial decisions. During this one-and-a-half-day event, you will take an in-depth look at how the model improves decisions on program size, teaching methods, faculty workload, space utilization, staffing, and enrollment decisions down to the course level. Through these applications you will gain an in-depth understanding of data and analysis that can inform decisions about program investment and disinvestment and the launching of new programs. You will learn: 

  • How to conduct an activity analysis and incorporate indirect costs into your cost model  
  • Ways to determine the economic impact of course redesign  
  • How enrollment mix can influence the costs  
  • Effects of unsponsored research and other non-time tabled activities on course and program margin  
  • How to build excitement and responsibility for data on your campus  
  • How to configure and scale your own ABC model 

During the event, you will select a focus area for introducing ABC and learn strategies for piloting your own program back on your campus. 


Who Should Attend — Bring Your Team! 

This training is designed for teams of academic program leaders and the financial analysts, business officers, and institutional researchers who wish to support them in the early stages of building a cost model for new and existing programs. 

Discounted pricing is available for teams:
  • 1-2 people: full price
  • 3-4 people: 15% off each registration
  • 5-7 people: 20% off each registration
  • 8 + people: 25% off each registration

CPE Credits Available 

Earn up to 20.5 credits when you attend both conferences. 


Follow Through with Success Coaching 

Have you ever gone to a training only to find that you came back with great ideas but don’t have the time, support, or skills needed to make the changes? 

Academic Impressions has produced thousands of trainings, and we have learned that utilizing a coach after attending a conference helps provide accountability and bridges the training with the on-the-ground work of getting the job done. 

As a result, we’re now offering success coaching on select conferences. 

  • Purchase this training + 3 one-hour follow up success coaching calls 
  • Work with an assigned coach who has extensive experience in higher ed 
  • Get individualized support to help you follow through on what you’ve learned 
  • Workshop your plans, run your ideas by someone, and get additional help/practice 

To learn more, contact Patricia Sandler at or purchase the Premium Pass with success coaching below.