Mastering Frontline Customer Service: Strategies for Leadership and Success

This event has ended.

Mastering Frontline Customer Service: Strategies for Leadership and Success

This event has ended.

Learn how to harness your personal leadership style to maximize customer service on the frontline.


Supporting your team in frontline customer service roles can be challenging. On a daily basis, you likely see members of your staff striving to meet customer demands, manage volatile situations, and muddle through mundane tasks—all while managing their own stress to seek workplace satisfaction. Although meeting the needs of students, families, staff, and faculty are the primary goals of your frontline team, your goal is to provide them with the skills and training necessary to navigate their difficult work.   

This one-and-a-half day in-person conference is designed for your employees who work on the frontline in higher education. This unique opportunity will engage your team in learning about their own leadership styles to enhance customer service in three critical ways, in order to:   

  • Build stronger relationships with customers and stakeholders through enhanced communication strategies that can support retention efforts. 
  • Manage difficult situations and stress. 
  • Identify new ways to collaborate with co-workers. 

Who should attend?

Supervisors are welcome to register their team members so that teams can learn together, but this is not required. If you’re a frontline staff member wanting to grow your leadership capacity, this conference is for you!



DAY 1: Thursday, February 29, 2024


MORNING: Understanding Yourself and Your Customers


Overview: Life on the Frontline

Group Activity: Identifying the Top Frontline Challenges/Situations

  • Working with peers, you will identify common challenges in higher education customer service and find ways to enhance the customer experience while maintaining standards, solving problems, and managing stress.

Understanding Your Customers

  • When working on the frontline, it’s sometimes difficult to understand why customers act the way they do. This session will provide insight into students, parents, and others as a way of enhancing your understanding of how to work with them.



AFTERNOON: Understanding Your Leadership Style and Its Value in Customer Service


The Five Paths to LeadershipSM Self-Assessment Workshop

  • In advance of the conference, you will take Academic Impressions’ Five Paths to LeadershipSM Self-Assessment. During this workshop, you will gain insight into your style, behaviors, and preferences that impact the way you deliver service.

The Art of Multitasking

  • If there’s one skill for frontline employees to master, it’s multitasking. This session will review essential multitasking skills as well as how your leadership style impacts your approach to your work.

Case Studies

  • Through case studies from the frontline, this session will challenge you to consider your leadership style and how you navigate various situations.



DAY 2: Friday, March 1, 2024


MORNING: Managing Competing Priorities and Balancing Multiple Needs (Including Your Own!)


Scenario-Based Training

  • You will work with others in various scenarios, ranging from managing unclear requests to working with difficult customers. How does your personal style impact the way you approach issues on the frontline? This session will offer the opportunity for greater self-awareness and self-confidence.

Managing Stress

    Stress is real, and how you manage it—or avoid it—will make a difference in how you work with customers. This session will offer insight into how your leadership style helps (or hinders) you in managing stress and how to foster a healthier work and home environment.

Managing-Up/Sharing Lessons with Leadership

    This culminating session will help you to reflect on how your leadership style impacts your work on the frontline and how to share your takeaways with leaders that can help you to bring positive change to your service culture.


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Hyatt Regency Boston/Cambridge

575 Memorial Drive

Cambridge, MA, 02139

A discounted group room rate of $209/night is available. Please use this link to book your room before February 7, 2024.

Unable to attend this event? Get the binder.

Conference binders include all presentation slides, worksheets, action plans, and additional resources from the conference. Conference binders are shipped upon receipt of payment within 2-4 weeks of the conclusion of the event.


Note: This binder is included in the conference registration price. If you are attending the conference and wish to purchase an additional binder, please give us a call at 720-488-6800.