Infographic: Reaching 4 Generations of Alumni

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by Luanne M. Lawrence, Senior Consultant, LML Marketing & Communications

It is a complex task to reach alumni today: they fall into four generational categories, each with its own expectations around communication. Alumni staff are working hard – but often using the techniques that resonate most with Traditionals: print magazines; reunions; e-newsletters; direct mail. The ways to reach and engage alumni differ by their life experiences. Here are examples of how alumni offices need to rethink how they approach and engage four different generations of alumni:

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Alumni budgets are tight, and staffing is never ample, but reconstituting programming and rebuilding skills sets of staff to differentiate communications and engagement pays off.

Most alumni want to engage and share their talent and knowledge. Now more than ever, alumni can actually help alumni staff extend their skills and can assist in maintaining social media, programming and other tools. Think of your community as your extended staff. Let them lead you sometimes; they carry the authentic voice and strengths of their generations.