Find the Right Career Fit as a Woman in Higher Education

Women Only Hold 26% of Leadership Positions in Higher Ed

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Finding the Right Career Fit as a Woman in Higher Education

Managing your career in higher education takes focus, confidence, and a willingness to work through the unique barriers we face as women. Join us for this on-demand training to learn:

  • How to assess current and future opportunities to see if they are a fit for your career goals
  • How to negotiate
  • What steps to take if you are aspiring to a promotion

We will first look at conditions in the workplace that lead to career growth to help you assess what’s working and where you might advocate for more support. Next, we will discuss how to negotiate for what you need in ways that not only benefit your career but the organization as well. Finally, we will dive into how you can best position yourself for future opportunities by tying your accomplishments to the goals of the organization.

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Diana Curran

Consultant, Changing our World
Diana is a social impact consultant and agent of global change. She is a celebrated thought leader, teacher, writer, and speaker with extensive research experience. Inspired to "do more good in the world," she builds and strengthens non-profit organizations through the transformative power of philanthropy and trains women as leaders in the realms of higher education, faith-based, and cultural organizations.

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