How One Institution is Forecasting Housing Needs and Costs

Pro forma can be an effective tool in analyzing and forecasting the financial health of any housing operation. However, few housing administrators are well-versed on developing a comprehensive pro forma model and leveraging information to make smarter decisions about:

  • Rate increases
  • Renovations
  • External revenue streams
  • Other capital investments

This lack of knowledge often leads to housing projects that cost an institution valuable auxiliary revenue and severely limit future investment opportunity.

In this 6-minute podcast, Abeer Mustafa, Winston Salem State University's director of housing and residence life, describes how she is using pro formas to forecast the financial health of student housing at Winston-Salem. Armed with this information, Mustafa has been actively developing thematic housing, living learning communities, and a faculty-in-residence program along with needed facilities improvements and new construction.

Study a Pro Forma Model

Join us for a prerecorded online training series that will guide you through the development of a comprehensive pro forma model and showcase how to use this as a tool to communicate your housing operations’ most pressing needs.

  • Session one will provide the framework of a strong pro forma, with core data pieces and working formulas.
  • Session two will delve into techniques for identifying and adjusting for ongoing developments that will make your pro forma accurate years into a project.

Learn more here.