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General Education Reform: Unseen Opportunities


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Concluding a study of over 300 presidents and academic leaders, Academic Impressions offers a snapshot of general education reform in the US and Canada. In this free report, we invite you to read our findings and learn how a few of your peers are revisiting the core curriculum in ways that simultaneously:

  • Improve student persistence and completion
  • Address the growing "skills gap" noted by employers
  • More effectively manage the costs of the general education program
  • Establish a more distinctive program, giving the institution a competitive advantage


Learn from the successes of other academic leaders in our full suite of workshops and webinars for academic administration.

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About the Authors

Amit Mrig, President and CEO

Amit co-founded Academic Impressions in 2002 to provide research, publishing, and training on issues that directly impact the sustainability of higher education. Under his direction, AI has published hundreds of articles and papers, interactive training programs, and topical and timely webcasts, serving over 50,000 academic and administrative leaders across 3,500 colleges and universities.

Amit leads and manages AI’s research, programming, and publications on higher ed leadership development. Many of AI’s research and thought leadership papers have been authored by Amit, including The Other Higher Ed Bubble, Small but Mighty: 4 Small Colleges Thriving in a Disruptive Environment, General Education Reform: Unseen Opportunities, and Meeting the Challenge of Program Prioritization.

Amit has consulted with dozens of higher ed leaders, cabinet members, and board members—discussing current challenges and practical solutions while helping to identify which issues they can address to best impact change at their institution. Amit is a frequent contributor to Forbes, discussing issues in higher education. He also serves as an active board member of The Challenge Foundation, an organization helping low-income students successfully earn a college degree.