Train Your Team on Title IX Compliance

Train Your Team on Title IX Compliance

Use our live and on-demand learning to train your team.

Get your investigators and hearing panelists up to speed and train every member of your faculty and staff who has an obligation to respond to reports of alleged sexual harassment. Your membership gives your team access to live and on-demand trainings across Title IX and several other key topic areas within higher education.

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Changes to the current Title IX regulations are anticipated in May 2023. Academic Impressions looks forward to providing you with up-to-the-minute information about what your campus needs to know. In the meantime, here are some resources in support of ongoing Title IX training on your campus


Foundations of Title IX Investigations: Training & Certification

June 23 & June 26, 2023

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Advanced Title IX Investigator Training and Certification

July 26 – 27, 2023

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Proposed Title IX Regulations: What You Should Be Doing Now

Recorded on August 12, 2022

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Officials with Authority and Responsible Employees

ON-DEMAND! Officials with Authority and Responsible Employees: Helping Mandatory Reporters Comply with New Title IX Regulations


Train OWAs and other mandatory reporter employees on how to respond to reports of alleged sexual harassment.

Those with the designation of “Official with Authority” (OWA), “Responsible Employee,” or “Mandatory Reporter Employee” have a responsibility to report any alleged incidents of sexual harassment to the Title IX Coordinator. This includes witnessed harassment as well as incidents shared with you by students, faculty, or staff. Failure to report as an OWA can trigger legal liability.

This video course will prepare employees to comply in their roles as a mandatory reporters of sexual harassment.

Members can administer this video course to their entire team of mandatory reporter employees, including OWAs.

On-Demand Learning Opportunities

Meeting with laptops


What Do We Mean By a Trauma-Informed Title IX Investigation?

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Notepad and pen


Conducting Trauma-Informed Investigations for Sexual Misconduct Cases

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a mother walking with her toddler, she is wearing a backpack implying she is a student


Title IX: Key Considerations for Working with Pregnant and Parenting Students

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a diverse team with their hands on top of each other to suggest teamwork


Facilitating Culturally Inclusive Meetings

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Typing on a laptop


Engage All Employees in Compliance and Ethics by Making It Interactive and Accessible

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FERPA Lessons and Quizzes

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Student walking with a backpack


Developing a Self-Harm Compliance Protocol

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Tree in the desert


Building Resilience with Your Team During Uncertain Times

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Data chart


Developing a Risk Management Mindset as a Front-Line Student Services Professional

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Woman learning online


Managing a Remote Team: How to Motivate, Maintain Morale, and Ensure Accountability

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