Social Strategy: How ATSU Bridged Departmental Divides to Build a Unified Social Media Presence

Social Media Strategy: ATSU
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ATSU's approach to unifying its social strategy across departmental divides has yielded an 879% increase in organic reach on Facebook.

by Anne Ackroyd, Public Relations Specialist, A.T. Still University

Over the past year, while most public pages have seen a significant decrease in organic reach on Facebook, A.T. Still University (ATSU) has seen an 879% increase (comparing June 2017 to June 2016). One of the major factors in ATSU's success has been an innovative, university-wide social media committee, developed to overcome departmental divides and build a more unified social media presence.

In early 2017, ATSU’s marketing team determined that the quantity of university-affiliated social media pages was undermining the institution’s reach and engagement. This problem is not unique to ATSU, a small graduate health sciences school of about 3,000 students. A quick search on Facebook for your alma mater will likely reveal dozens of pages that bear some variation of the institution’s logo. The problem stems from the silo mentality that plagues higher education. Faculty, staff and students often identify strongly with their area of study, rather than with the institution as a whole.

In addressing this issue, ATSU developed a replicable model for a social media committee tailored to the needs of higher education.

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