Crowdfunding: Stats and Critical Advice

by Daniel Fusch (Academic Impressions)

Crowdfunding can increase alumni engagement and participation while serving as a cost-effective tool for acquiring updated alumni contact information, re-engaging donors, and serving faculty and students in their philanthropic efforts. Recently, we have released a series of resources for higher-ed professionals interested in exploring crowdfunding initiatives:


Join us for this prerecorded webcast if your shop is interested in developing your own crowdfunding initiative but is unsure how it will complement your advancement strategy. You will learn how to bring crowdfunding from inception to launch, while ensuring that this latest fundraising innovation helps boost your overall program.

During the first release of our online training, with nearly one hundred institutions attending from across North America, we saw many fundraisers tweeting and sharing useful crowdfunding statistics and practical tips from the training.

We've collected those here, using Storify. If your own department is interested in crowdfunding, we hope you will share this resource with your colleagues and use it as a conversation starter!