Group Coaching

Supporting Academic Department Chairs During Uncertain Times Through Virtual Group Coaching

Why Group Coaching?

During these challenging times, Academic Chairs, Program Directors, and Unit Heads are under significant pressure to provide leadership for their departments and support for their faculty and students. These leaders are having to recreate the way everything is done real-time. They are being forced to make quick decisions and manage tremendous change and upheaval regarding instruction, research and scholarship, academic requirements, student engagement, and more—all while managing changes to their own daily lives.  

By joining an online cohort for group coaching, department chairs have an opportunity to build a sense of community and connect with chairs from across their school or college, learn from each other, get meaningful support, adopt new tools and strategies, share resources, and create greater consistency across departments.  

How Group Coaching Works

Groups are kept small (up to six people) from your school or college to ensure maximum participation and engagement - we strategize with you to decide how to structure each cohort.

Each meeting is 60 minutes and virtual (with the option of video and screen sharing).

The cohort meets six times over a period of approximately three months (this can be extended).

Groups are facilitated by expert coaches who also have extensive leadership experience in higher education and are experienced in facilitating online group conversations.

Full access to Academic Impressions’ online library of resources that cover a range of topics related to academic leadership

Access to our Virtual Writing Café to help chairs focus on their own research and writing

Boost Your Productivity in our Virtual Writing Café

An Online Space for Support, Community, and Accountability


Amidst the competing demands of teaching and service, academics are always under pressure to find time for their scholarship. During these uncertain times, with daily routines disrupted, the challenge of maintaining scholarship work is even more critical. Many academics are struggling with the competing priorities of remote learning, student and university needs, and their own isolation and break from writing and research routines—all while managing changes to their own daily lives.

As a group coaching client, you have the opportunity to join us in the Virtual Writing Café, an online space that provides support, community, and accountability. This is your chance to get support in structuring your time and dedicating focused hours each day to your writing tasks that require self-motivation.

Writing groups and resources like this have been used for years to help faculty get in the right frame of mind for more productive research and writing. The Virtual Writing Café is especially helpful when faculty form a writing cohort with others who are at a similar stage in their careers. We can help you establish cohorts for early career, pre-tenure, post tenure/mid-career, and legacy stages of faculty careers.

What Topics You Will Cover:


  • Establishing structures to manage overwhelm 
  • Building support networks across campus 
  • Managing difficult conversations 
  • Learning to move from fixed mindsight to a growth mindsight and more creatively problem solve situations
  • Leading from a place of calm by learning to manage your “inner critic” and triggers/fears
  • Strategizing your departmental culture “as it was” and find solutions to evolve a cohesive team for the present moment




$6,000 / group coaching cohort  

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