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Critical Advice for University Chiefs of Staff

The role of Chief of Staff is intensive, difficult to define, and requires a unique and challenging skill set. We asked five veteran chiefs of staff for their best nuggets of advice for both those new to the role and those experienced in it:


There is a growing need for quality job-specific training and professional development opportunities for university chiefs of staff. We have designed two highly practical programs, facilitated by our panel of current and former chiefs of staff to help you take charge of your own development and address some key job-specific challenges you are likely to encounter in your role.



Fundamentals for Chiefs of Staff

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Institute for Experienced Chiefs of Staff

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Browse this series of in-depth interviews, featuring our expert panel’s best advice for new and experienced chiefs of staff.



Critical Advice for College and University Chiefs of Staff

How do you make yourself available as a liaison to faculty without appearing as a gatekeeper for the president?

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What Every Experienced Chief of Staff Needs to Hear

Words of wisdom for chiefs of staff who have been in their role for a while.

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Finding Your Feet as Chief of Staff

We know the chief of staff position can feel isolating at times. Here are some of the most helpful resources from others who serve in similar roles.

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What the President Looks for in a Chief of Staff

The crucial competencies or traits presidents look for in a candidate when hiring for the chief of staff position.

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What the Chief of Staff Needs to Do on Day One

Which relationships do you need to build from the first day of your job as chief of staff?

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When the Chief of Staff Needs to Handle a Crisis

What are key skills that chiefs of staff need to build in order to best handle crises on campus?

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The Chief of Staff and the Presidential Transition

How does the chief of staff’s role change during a presidential transition, and what key steps does a chief of staff need to take?

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Join us online to learn how you can better define your presidential assistant role, decide upon the skill sets that your institution needs, and implement a successful partnership on your campus.



Defining Your Role as Chief of Staff


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The only book of its kind, From Presidential Transition to Integration is a practical, in-depth handbook to setting up a college or university presidency for success. It’s a must-read for aspiring presidents, transition committees, and boards.


Book Cover: From Presidential Transition to Integration


From Presidential Transition to Integration

Why so many abrupt presidential exits? And how can we prevent them?

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Elizabeth Hubbell, Academic Impressions

Elizabeth Ross Hubbell
Senior Program Manager, Academic Impressions

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