What Are Title IX Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant and Parent Students?

Title IX Reasonable Accommodations - Student Parent Walking with a Child on a Sidewalk

When working with pregnant or parenting students, what are Title IX reasonable accommodations? What constitutes "reasonable," and what accommodations need to be included in your institution's policies and procedures? Here are some scenarios.

The following is an excerpt from the Academic Impressions recorded webcast "Title IX: Key Considerations for Working with Pregnant and Parenting Students," which you can purchase here, presented by Jeanine Bias, Director, Office of Equity and Inclusion/Title IX Coordinator, Sam Houston State University.

4 Scenarios: Is it a "Reasonable Accommodation": Yes or No?

"Accommodations are always a case-by-case basis, but when the accommodation is being issued by an administrative office and not by one particular faculty member, you want to be careful not to create situations where an accommodation granted in one case needs to then be granted in all similar situations, outside of that case-by-case. You want to make sure that you're giving accommodations that are reasonable but that also don't get you into a corner later on.

"So, in general, are the following accommodations reasonable?

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